Advertising via MySite

Each MySite hosted has a special field within the settings.php file. This field is called the category field and it allows the admin to enter as many different categories as they wish. Adverts will then be displayed on a cost per thousand basis and allowed to be allocated to a target category.

The costs are currently worked out £3 per 10,000 clicks for the first category, then an additional 50p (£0.5) per additional category and an additional £1 per extra 5,000 clicks. If you wish to select the All category your advert will be displayed on very MySite website but this feature costs £10 rather than 50p.

The advert is a vertical ad only and is 150x600 pixels. Anything outside those dimensions will be rejected.

All adverts sent to Wolframite Reign will be screened to prevent any non-suitable material being displayed on the adverts.

For example having porn ads in categories to do with children's toys.

A form system is set up allowing people to select which categories they wish to host their sites on as well as the option to submit their banner. When the banner has been approved, which can take up to 24 hours, a invoice will be emailed to the contact details supplied and once the payment goes through the Advert will be approved. If for any reason the Advert is not approved then you'll be contacted informing you of so and giving you the option to make any alternative arrangements.

Advert Application

Contact Email:
Advert File:
Please select categories you wish to advertise on: - All (£10 charge)
- Art
- Webcomics
- Commissions
- Furry
- MySite
Please enter URL to link to:
Please select the amount of clicks: - 10,000
- 15,000
- 20,000
- 25,000
- 30,000